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Lockdown 6 update

Nick, Tim & the team at Masters Pet Grooming wanted to reach out and say hi to you and give you an update!

But first, here are our boys. <3

Here's Kodi on one of our walks near work's Skeleton Creek! Kodi is 9 ¾ years old and still acts like a puppy!

This is Hugo, our youngest, a rascally 6 year old (with Tim who looks like he's just woken up - shh he did!) Hugo loves to give kisses, and as Nick would say, 'he's got his licker licence!'.

And here's our birthday boy Ollie! He turned 8 on 14 September. Still a puppy and absolutely adores his brothers!

Now I know you didn't come here to look at our pups, but rather to know where Masters Pet Grooming stands on opening our beautiful salon again, so here goes!

For all of us, these last few months has been very trying and hard, especially for our pups. It is tough to see so many of our wonderful customers unable to have their bubs groomed and it breaks our heart that we cannot help.

Many people have asked us 'when are you open?' or 'can I have a welfare groom if my Vet gives you a letter?' or 'the salon down the road from me is open, can you?' and I would like to address these questions and a few other things here.

At the moment there is a lot of misinformation being communicated, especially on social media.

There is no permit for groomers (salon or home) at present.

As a consequence, no salon groomer is allowed to operate.

Even though some salons are opening (illegally), we believe in following the rules to ensure the health and safety of our bubs and humans.

Some authors of posts are stating they are essential workers and are allowed to operate - BUT - no groomer has the correct class of permit, so unfortunately we are classed as 'not essential' (however essential we believe we are).

I also have sought clarification from DHHS, Business Victoria and the Premiers Dept, and no salon groomer can operate.

Masters Pet Grooming has a Covid Safe Plan, implemented during Stage 4 Lockdown in 2020 with several updates to ensure we are always safe and on top of any changes. Even with these Policies and Procedures, we are unable to operate yet.

'When are you open?'

MPG believes in the health, safety and welfare of our humans and our four legged friends and at present, MPG is unable to open under the current rules. Only a mobile groomer who exclusively grooms outdoors and in a contactless manner can operate. Click here for further information.

As you may know, this year we moved from our home in Point Cook, into our amazing new salon on Wallace Ave. We spared no expense in ensuring our wonderful pups are cared for in a way that no other salon in Australia can and does. Their own suites, sheepskin rugs and fluffy matts keep them warm in winter or cool in summer, and in the utmost comfort (away from your home of course).

Each and every one of our staff are hand picked by both Nick & Tim, ensuring the best quality groom and customer service. We can't wait to get back to work!

'Can I have a welfare groom if my Vet gives you a letter?'

A Vet is allowed to do a welfare groom, not us as groomers - even if they give you a letter. We risk a personal and business fine. Click here to see the Veterinary Board of Victoria's information.

The salon down the road from me is open, can you?

Salons are not allowed to operated under the current restrictions, even if the business says they are allowed.

The only grooming services allowed at present are:

  • Pet Stores

  • Mobile Groomers - services that can be undertaken in a contactless manner (businesses with an ABN) and operate solely outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained at all times

If another salon is open during lockdown, they are in breach of the Chief Health Officers directions and are liable for fines.

We are offering a Click & Collect for Shampoo, Conditioner, Brushes, Sprays, Food/Treats & Toys if you require - subject to availability. If you would like any of our products, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you've got to the bottom of this blog, thank you. Reading all of the negative things that are happening around the world and even in our own city is quite draining.

Nick and I have been implementing many changes over the last few weeks and we can't wait to set everything in motion. Everything we do is for you and your bubs, we (their humans) are their caregivers and they deserve the best.

Thanks for reading and please remember: Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy and give your loved ones (especially the four legged kind) an extra special hug!

Click here to see the fines imposed to individuals and/or businesses in breach of the rules.


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Nick and Tim We really appreciate the clarification and are looking forward to the day you are able to transform Sprinkle back from her Rapunzle length coat to our lean leggy lady we once knew her to be. Till then we wish you the best.

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