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Use of this website, Masters Pet Grooming (MPG) products and services, including but not limited to; accessing, booking, browsing, utilisation of products sold, leaving/surrendering your property at MPG for a duration of a service/s is solely at your discretion and MPG cannot be held liable for any injury, financial or non financial loss due to your use of MPG's products or services - subject to State and Federal Law.


All photos, text, quotes, prices, audio and video are not to be downloaded, traded, sold, saved or distributed in any way, shape or form without written consent of the owner and Director of I Love Pet Supplies Pty Ltd.

You acknowledge that by using this site, contacting MPG (verbal, physical or electronically), it's staff or affiliates including attending MPG's premise/s you do so at your own risk.

If your dog is presented to us with fleas, please note that a surcharge of up to $25.00 will be charged for a flea shampoo and cleaning/flea rid of the salon and associated areas.

Additional charges apply if your dogs coat requires further brushing due to matts/knots. We include an industry reasonable amount of additional brushing in all of our services: if your dog has minor matting as deemed by your groomer at the time of the groom. If your dogs coat requires additional work, prior to the groom e.g. before the standard groom is performed, the additional brushing is charged at a commensurate rate to the work performed. If you do not agree to this charge, alternate options may be presented to you.

I understand Masters Pet Grooming (MPG) will do their utmost to protect the health and safety of my dog/cat while on these premises.


I acknowledge that accidents however, can and do happen and I hereby absolve MPG, its groomers and staff from any and all responsibility involving injury, escape, damage or disease during and after their grooming time at MPG.


In the event of an emergency, I authorise MPG to obtain necessary treatment for my pet and agree to pay all such costs.


I agree that MPG may send me special offers and other marketing or correspondence via email; to opt out of this service, please return email stating ‘unsubscribe’.


Please be advised that if you are late collecting your pet, a charge may be applied for the care of your pet until you arrive; $25 charged in 30 min increments.


I acknowledge my pet may be photographed whilst at MPG and the image used for advertising or education purposes. MPG retains copyright of all images. 

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